The shape of understanding

Feelings are like swatches. The more we experience life, the more colors we collect.

Light colors, dark colors, and the ones that we don’t understand (yet).

And when we are trying to understand someone, it’s like using the swatches we have now, to approach the color the other’s talking about.

It’s like what we do when we’re printing out something or painting the wall.

When I can find the experience in my life that’s similar to how you feel now, I can relate to you.

“Yes, I know how it feels. I’ve been through similar situations.”

When the feelings are named and recognized, even the sad ones become a little bit lighter.

We confirm that we share the same feelings and become a team. We feel less alone and find some belongingness.

And my experience expands by relating to you – “So that’s how OOO feels, similar to what I felt before when XXX…”

My #d6a599 swatch plus my imagination becomes your #d9b5ac9 swatch.

Every time I went through a feeling, related to a person, I collected another swatch.

The more I experienced, the more I could relate to. The more I related to, the more I could express.

Sometimes I cannot understand you, not because I don’t care enough, it’s just – that I don’t have that color system yet. I don’t know how it is like to feel like that. Without a similar color as the base, imagination cannot bring me to you.

But one day I may.
One day someone will.

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