Story: Her Shining Eyes

[Her shining eyes]

Does the brightness of your eyes reflect how much you follow your soul’s desire?




can we have a story that all the pictures connect together and become a big infographic? and the graphc is the core concept of the story.


可不可以有一個故事,所有的圖片加起來又是一幅大圖呢?然後這個大圖總結了故事的核心。但最終覺得比較像是在大圖裡加上了對白,一步步 walk through 這樣。

[Projection: open and closed]

I use “projection-match” instead of a direct match because I like the idea that “projections” are limited and at the same time open.

You could have many different figures that give the same projection. Just as I believe your soul longs to certain things but there is more than one path to achieve those longings.


你可以有許多不同的圖形、對應到相同的投影 —— 這是我對「靈魂渴望的道路」的想像:你可以有許多不同的實踐方式,都能完成你靈魂的渴望。


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